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By Ron Gephart

Performed by Alexander Gephart, Jenni Nettleton, Joe Mulherin, Britt Jones, and Karen Gephart

In the Fall of 1970, a 17-year-old boy is on a weekend excursion on his bicycle to Bushy Quarry where he intends to dig for early American glass shards. After fixing a flat tire and probing around a cemetery, he finds himself on an unfamiliar road. It grows too dark to finish the trip that evening, so he prepares to camp in an orchard. After making camp, he is offered lodging in a wrecked Airstream travel trailer by a young lady working in a mostly abandoned roadside bar called the Gaslight Grill. A man she calls Elvis operates the bar.

The young man’s bicycle is stolen by 3 local teens making mischief in the cemetery. Discouraged, he decides to accept the offer of lodging in the travel trailer. He is trapped, and the young lady is his roommate. Elvis has his children back.

To your left is the filmed version of the audio recording, with real-time audience reaction, and below that is the audio-only version of the recording. Performers include Karen Gephart, Alex Gephart, Jenni Nettleton, Britt Jones, and Joe Mulherin. Please leave a comment down below with your thoughts and feelings about this piece or any of the others!

planting firewood

By Natalie Parker Lawrence

Performed by


By Dawn LaFon

Read by Dawn LaFon

early birds

By Natalie Parker Lawrence

Performed by Lorraine and Christopher Cotten

Cosmo Yarrow Blows His Brains Out

By Ron Gephart