Mission Statement

Our goal is to improve writing by using live radio theatre techniques. Holly Street puts the writers’ words in the mouths of seasoned actors in front of a live audience. A professional film crew records a performance up to a half hour in length. Video podcasts have a split screen so the writer can observe the audience as well as the performers. For screen and stage plays, a narrator is used to convey information about location, actions and scene descriptions. The performers use a printed script or teleprompter. Occasionally, video is used to help the audience better appreciate the possibilities imagined by the author. Minimal scenery, props, costumes, and “old time radio sound effects” may also be used to enhance the writer’s vision. By reviewing the recording, the writer is much better informed when preparing the next draft or when pitching their play, story, screenplay, poem, or essay to producers and publishers. We are storytellers who embrace technology but love a live audience, as well. Check out how we used scripts during our production of Cormac McCarthy’s, The Sunset Limited: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ozt9keq-DP4

We are able to do much more than a simple “staged reading.”

We also partner with a local filmmaking collective Piano Man Pictures. They provide all audio, visual, and technical support for Holly Street. To see more of their work or to get in contact with them directly, visit their website down below by clicking on the PMP logo.